FAQ-Onsite exposure

    1. Q.What is onsite exposure?
      Ans : During the course every student will be sent to visit the construction sites once a week to get real time exposure of the actual field work. And after the completion of the 45 days of the classroom course the students will be sent to the different construction sites across the country for another 45 days of on-site training.
    2. Q.Where do I get the onsite training?
      Ans : You can be posted at any office of the Partner Organization anywhere in India, and you should be ready to relocate if required, at your own cost. You are encouraged to specify your preferences however the internship location and the final placement are at the discretion of the partner organization.
    3. Q.To which cities will I be relocated for the on-site training?
      Ans : Students can be posted to any one of the different cities like Lucknow, Baroda, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai and Pune depending on the vacancies.
    4. Q.What will be the roles and responsibilities during the on-site training?
      Ans : During this period Students would be assigned tasks similar to regular employee. Responsibilities are assigned at the discretion of the Reporting Authority as per business requirement and Trainee’s aptitude in the assigned domain.
    5. Q.Can I opt out of on-site training?
      Ans : No, you cannot opt out of on-site training. It is a part of 3 month course and every student enrolled has to mandatorily undergo the on-site training.


    1. Q.What do I get under IREF’s placement assistance facility?
      Ans : IREF (Institue of Real Estate and Finance) Programs prepares student academically, provides with skills to excel in the chosen profession, before providing exposure to Partner Organization/s for internship and placement opportunity. We provide adequate opportunities to students to attend interviews until they are placed.
    2. Q.Which are the companies associated with IREF?
      Ans : IREF associated companies in Pune: Kohinoor Associates, Satish Bora & Associates, Nandini Group, Shivshakti, Kohinoor Properties, G.S.K. Developers, Vastukalp, Vishal Group, P.S. Constructions, Tirupati Developers, WS Developers
      IREF associated companies in Navi Mumbai: Dev Aashirwad, Devkrupa
      IREF associated companies in Baroda: Orchid
      IREF associated companies in Hyderabad :JSP Constructions, Vishwa Constructions
      IREF associated companies in Lucknow: Aditya, M/S P.K. Chaturvedi
      Real Estate Consulting & Marketing Companies: Reddvise.
    3. Q.What is IREF Career Development Process?
      Ans : Students once recruited will have a bright career path. They can hold the following prestigious posts.
    4. Q.What types of profiles are offered to IREF Students?
      Ans : The profiles offered will be in following Departments:
      Real Estate Marketing
      Real Estate Sales
      Real Estate Operations
      Real Estate Home Loan
      However you can be offered other profiles also depending on the vacancies.
    5. Q.What levels do we get hired at?
      Ans : One can get hired at the position of executive, Senior Executives or a Manager level depending on the experience & position availability.


    1. Q.Can I pay fees in installments?
      Ans : No. The fees shall be paid in one installment before the commencement of the program and during the registration process for enrollment to the course.
    2. Q.If I cancel my admission before the commencement of the program, will I be eligible for refund of the paid fees amount?
      Ans: The registered candidate will be required to write a hand written application, duly-signed by the candidate specifying the reason for cancellation of the admission, at least 48 hours before the commencement of the course. The decision shall be taken by the institute itself after considering the application and only the Admission Charges will be deducted and the remaining amount shall be refunded to the candidate.
    3. Q.If I cancel my admission during the course of the program, will I be eligible for refund of the paid fees amount?
      Ans : The decision shall be taken as per the discussion between the candidate cancelling the admission and the institute authority, and, the decision shall be taken accordingly by the institute authority. Conditions Applied.
    4. Q.Whom can I contact for further details?
      Ans : Institute of Real Estate & Finance,
      Montreal Business Centre, 203,
      Baner Road, Pune 411045
      Land Line: 020-69339903
      Email ID- info@iref.co.in
      Mobile: +91 9049800932
    5. Q.Where can I contact if I want to share a feedback for IREF?
      Ans : here a link can be provided which shall lead the person to an online feedback form

Q.Are Program Certificate authorized from UGC or AICTE?

Ans : No, IREF program certificates are well recognized by leading real estate industry recruiters as well as the                                             associates of the group companies and it shows the confidence of the Industry in IREF and its Programs.

    1. Q.Do you provide other certificates related to finance eg Certified Finance Planner?
      Ans : No, we provide IREF Program certificates only but these certificate makes you competent for whole finance sector as it includes personality development also.
    2. Q.I want to do MBA afterwards. Will IREF certificate help?
      Ans : Yes, it does as you will gain Industry Specific application knowledge & managerial expertise which would surely help in a successful career.
    3. Q.What are the qualifying criteria for Program Certificates?
      Ans : Following is the qualifying criteria-
      1)Certified Real Estate Professional : Marketing & Sales * CREPMS
      Graduates /PG/ MBA
      2)Certified Real Estate Professional : Operations * CREPO
      Graduate or appearing in final year
      3)Certified Home Loan Professional * CHLP
      Graduates / PG/ MBA
      4)Real Estate Management Professional * (MSO) Certified Program
      Graduates/ PG/ MBA with 2years of Experience
      5)Certified Real Estate Professional Sales * CREPS ( Part Time)
      HSC / Graduates.
    4. Q.Is this a degree course?
      Ans : No, it is a professional certification course.
    5. Q.What is duration of course?
      Ans : 3 months (i.e. 45 days classroom training & 45 days on site training).


    1. Q.I am a final year student-can I apply?
      Ans : Final year (TY) students can surely join IREF programs.
    2. Q.I am doing post graduation, am I eligible for IREF Programs
      Ans : Yes, You are eligible for the program.
    3. Q.How is the admission process?
      Ans : Refer to “ADMISSION” tab on website.
    4. Q.Is computer Literacy must?
      Ans : Candidate should just know how to operate a computer.
    5. Q.Is fluency in English communication must?
      Ans : No, Only candidate should be able to understand & write in English. Speaking fluency is not must.
    6. Q.Will you consider marks of CAT or MAT test?
      Ans : No other criteria applicable. Only educational qualification.
    7. Q.Will there be Personal Interviews?
      Ans : Yes.
    8. Q.I am B.SC graduate can I do this course. Will I be facing difficulty in study?
      Ans : No, rather it will add up to your professional skill.
    9. Q.Is there any written test or interview to get admission?
      Ans : No


    1. Q.Why Should I consider a Real Estate Career?
      Ans : The Indian economy is booming and real estate is one of the hottest sectors. The GDP economy of construction will grow at a CAGR of 9.5% to 10% till 2022 in real terms. This would translate to the overall employment in the industry increasing from the current level of around 36 to over 83 million by 2022, an overall increment of 48 million in this sector.
      In summary following are key reasons to consider a career in the BFSI sector – Consider following facts:
      Rapid growth of the sector
      Booming employment opportunities across multiple roles – sales, service and back office
      Global Opportunities
      Entrepreneurial opportunities
    2. Q. What Skill Set do I Need for Real Estate?
      Ans : Personality Skills – Energetic, Positive Attitude, Flexible, Goal oriented, Assertive
      Technical skills- real estate sector
      Behavioral Skills – Team work, taking initiative, problem solving
      Industry specific skills – strong communication skills, customer interfacing skills
      Domain knowledge – knowledge of financial processes and products, technology orientation.
    3. Q. Why IREF?
      Ans : IREF is the first-ever Indian Institute which offers Professional Certificate Course in Home Loan along with other Real estate certification courses & onsite training projects
      IREF provides increased employability and holistic value addition by means of its certificate courses
      The result is that IREF’s students are agile in adapting new marketing techniques, have broad exposure to the real estate development, and hence has a better understanding of the consumer behavior.
      IREF instigates individual’s ability to analyze, understand and deliver the best to the industry along with channelizing the path to their career growth.
      High rate of return in terms of percentage as well as quick rate of return in terms of time compared to any other institute offering short term courses (needs to be explained in depth, else can be interpreted in many ways)
      IREF offers instant placement opportunities for trainees within group companies Insights and expert opinions can be only provided by those working in the real estate industry, this relationship opportunity has been uphold by having collaboration with renowned industry professionals
      IREF offers you with a unique blend of curriculum designed by various industry experts
      We equips you to become industry relevant, multifaceted real estate professionals with requisite skills, knowledge & attitude thus making the preferred choice of the organization.
    4. Q. Who all will get benefit from this program?
      Ans : IREF Programs are carefully designed to suit career needs of young graduates and post graduates willing to enter Real estate sector. There are special programs for college students as well.
    5. Q.Who are the teaching faculty members?
      Ans : IREF faculties are mainly experienced professionals with an average practical experience of more than 15 Years. The Program’s real estate field faculty comes from across India to create a unique interdisciplinary structure. As a student, you will benefit from this diversified blend and gain immense practical knowledge.


  1. Q.Who is IREF?
    Ans : IREF is a real estate training organization Bank to cater to the manpower needs of the fast-growing real estate sector.
  2. Q. What are benefits of IREF
    Ans : AWARENESS:

    • Real estate economics.
    • Insights of real estate industry.
    • Significant trends occurring in the real estate industry.
    • Increased scope of employability in the real estate Industry


    • Knowledge of code of ethics followed.
    • Knowledge of procedures followed.
    • Knowledge of various marketing activities in Real Estate Industry.


    •  Different factors affecting real estate industry.
    •  Different dynamics of real estate industry.
    •  Customer behaviour in the industry.


    • To implement the legal  documentation procedure.
    • To deal with the clients.
    • To forecast the real estate market.


    • Soft skill training.
    • Interpersonal skills.
    • Business Communication.
    • Crisis Management.