About US

Institute of Real Estate and Finance was founded in the year 2010. We offer management courses which are in sync with the requirements of professionals in real estate, construction and business management including finance. With more then 3000+ certifications, we are focussed on imparting quality education with the use of advanced technology, state of the art infrastructure, high-quality content, professional trainers and thus delivering an exhaustive curriculum in sync with expectations of the industry. IREF was only private institutions who were invited for discussion and our suggestion was accepted when the RERA Act was enacted by the Government of India In 2013.

India’s Real estate is currently around 200 billion dollars. It is growing at a faster pace and generates the second largest employment in the country. However, the challenges at themicro and macro level are huge, the risks and stakes are high, decision making is done with ever-changing dynamics and the markets stand unorganized. This created a huge gap of professionals needed in this industry, who are equipped to handle the challenges. The increasingly complex working environment requires stakeholders to consider a universe of360-degree aspects in their decision-making processes.

Looking at the need of this industry, we felt the need for imparting this knowledge-based programs to these stakeholders. Time is the essence. Technology is the key. IREF startedone of the first portals in India to give Online Real Estate Management Education. This ensured the program reached to every student at his own convenience. IREF recognizes the role of education and the importance of social responsibility that every citizen should possess in the digital age and unified due diligence for all decision making that affectssociety as a whole.

Our online live and self-learning e-learning education programs offer the opportunity to study a comprehensive curriculum in real estate, construction, and finance. All students entering the program can take the core postgraduate programs along with our crisp certification programs.

Key to real estate is Finance. We developed courses in Housing Finance which can increase employability, increase skill sets and also give a new direction to a career in Finance.Similarly, we started a unique course for “Valuation” for all civil engineers who can now look at the housing finance sector as a new avenue to employment.

We provide a well-balanced combination of academic and practical business-oriented content through a unique theoretical approach, offer an understanding of processes and techniques along with theories on technologies and tools for resolving the problems arising in them. We have developed own E-learning platform fully equipped with the latest e-learning technology where students can learn through online Classes, self-paced models, quiz, test, and case- studies. It is a total virtual classroom giving a student wholesome classroom learning experience.

 We have also partnered with leading B-School Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) for running industry oriented PG classroom program in real estate, construction, and business management, which is in very high demand from students to corporates.