Institute of Real Estate and Finance have MoU with Thirumeni Finance private limited (known as Varthana).

Some Advantages of varthana :

  1. Fees are funded semester wise.
  2. No Moratorium period.
  3. Minimal documents.
  4. Smooth process and fast disbursements.
  5. Varthana consider all type of income.

About Varthana

Varthana is based on Bengaluru operating since January 2013 with a vision to “TRANSFORM AFFORDABLE EDUCATION” and at present having its presence over 14 states with 30+ branches all over India, even more,spoke location, including south, central, west and north zones of India which provides Loan to the students with minimum documentations and at zero percent rate of interest for Online PG Program and Self Learning Program. Also it provides Loan for PGP program at low rate of Interest.